Hungry Shark World With New Additions Adds To The Excitement

Having played the Hungry Shark Evolution for several levels, I was not too keen on continuing to run around the waters with a shark feeding it as much as possible to make it grow and unlock better features to move on to the higher levels. But my friends that downloaded the latest release of the Hungry Shark World enticed me into trying my hands at the game if not for anything then the better visuals with the enhanced 3D graphics. Despite some grumbling from a couple of acquaintances that has trouble in reloading the game with the data completely lost, I managed to download it successfully.

The first thing to strike me in the new version of the game is the improved possibilities of the missions and also more sharks that have been introduced. There is more variety added to the mission by way of the introduction of the three different worlds with varying missions at the destinations. The levels of the sharks have also changed, and there are three in each level that begins with the XS and moves up to the XXL. This means that there is more excitement at each level with the diet increasing for the three stats of the Speed, Bite, and the Boost. There is, however, the possibility to upgrade making use of the coins for those that wish to try their hands playing the famous Great White Shark and the Megalodon.

There is the added feature at each level which gives the players the opportunity to earn more points and spend less money. At each level, the alphabets of the word hungry are suspended in the water that the shark has to eat to be able to get more points. The menu for the shark at each level is specified and eating them all triggers that gold rush that is followed by the Mega Gold Rush when the shark gains a super-size to eat up everything – also the mines. The Mega Gold Rush is triggered when the bar of the Gold Rush becomes full so that there is more opportunity to earn the extra points and the coins.

What intrigued me the most is the change of game scene that is now spread over different settings instead of the single monotonous open world mode?

Each of the settings have their specific attractions and the challenges along with the special features. The Pacific islands are the sunshine holiday islands that have plenty of people and their related activities. Next is the Arctic Oceans, the frozen waters of which are the places for the secret military missions with plenty of subs and torpedoes to counter. Lastly, the Arabic Ocean is more of a picturesque place with it’s industrial wealth and the ensuing challenges.

In all, I found the overall features of the game much improved than the previous version to break away from the monotony of a single shark only on an eating mission. There are more pets other than the quintessential baby sharks with the addition of the octopus and the turtle that are good eaters too. There are also some fun accessories that I could put on my shark like the sonic goggles giving it a funky look. I surely enjoyed the fun part and the variety more than the previous version.

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